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Caring Men & Caring Women Inc. is a mentoring program that offers boys and girls, weekly, one-on-one mentoring from a positive mentor. Helping them to feel valued, supported, heard and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.


CMCW-trained mentors show up at the middle school willing to listen, encourage and offer the empowerment that boys and girls seek to make positive changes in their lives.


Also, we continue to track the graduates of the middle school by visiting them monthly at the high school.  


Caring Men & Caring Women provides safe forums where boys and girls are able to discuss the choices they are faced at this critical window of time in their lives.


Board of Directors

Gregory Long,

Founder & Director

Caring Men and Caring Women
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Katrena Long,

Caring Men and Caring Women
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Marsha Butler

Corporate Collections Manager

Dr. Kathy Edwards

Miles College Professor 

Jermelle (Jeh Jeh) Pruitt


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Maria Frazier

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Mike Dubberly,

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Regina Vann Williams,

Owner of

Vann-Williams Custom Homes

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P.O. Box 737, Adamsville, Alabama 35005​

P.O. Box 737, Adamsville, Alabama 35005

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