In the Summer of 2014, a dream became a reality.  A young man, Mr. Gregory Long, decided to combine his years of experience as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and create a mentoring program to aid and assist the male students of Bessemer City Middle School.


With high intensity to get the business started, a name was created for a mentoring program:  Caring Men, Inc.  This program will meet the needs of male students, their teachers, and their families.


Caring Men realizes that each individual has their own unique personality.  Caring Men will motivate, empower and encourage young men through mentoring.  It is our belief that in order to have successful outcomes, we must take the time to understand every male student.


Realizing that this program will entail detail work, Mr. Long knew that he would need an additional facilitator to begin this business.  As a result, he chose a man of stability by the name of Ralph Sims.  Mr. Sims has served as a facilitator, a mentor, mentor trainer, and recruiter.  When they began working on the program, it became apparent to both men that more male mentors needed to be recruited.


Caring Men is a non-profit organization that will target a number of other specific activities, which include outreach, professional development, youth activities, educational programs, discussion/feedback forums, partnership building as well as needs and trends analysis supporting best practice development for youth.


By providing these young men with positive mentors,  many of their parents and teachers concerns in the Bessemer community will be addressed.

Our plan was to secure Caring Men, Inc. for 2 years and then add Caring Women Inc., a mentoring program for girls, during the 
2017-18 school year.


Because of the severity of the behavior issues with the girls, we had to take a 3 year plan and move the timeline up immediately in the first year. So in the 2015-16 school year, Caring Women, Inc. had been created. This will provide the same mentoring opportunities to young girls of Bessemer City Middle.